My first order

A few days ago I gave in, and placed an order for a zippered rubber short-sleeve t-shirt from Reactor Rubberwear in Sydney. The deal-sweetener was the free shipping till the end of the month, but seeing as they are (relatively) local, it wouldn’t have been much anyway, I think.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have my size with a black zipper that I specified, only with silver zippers. They gave me an option to change my order and they can send it immediately, or wait for them to make me a new one, which will take 10 days. I opted to wait and so they said they’ll email me back when it’s ready and has been shipped out.

Woo hoo! I’m excited that I’ve finally bit the bullet and bought myself some decent rubberwear. I can’t wait for it to arrive in just over a week’s time.

Gas masks

I must admit I was never really interested in gas masks as a fetish, and when you don’t ‘get it’ you wonder why it’s such a turn-on for some people.

Only recently through some of my new online friends’ descriptions and persuasion, I’ve gotten mildly interested in them. Last weekend I went back to Eagle Leather to see if they had any new stuff.. and noticed they had some gas masks too… So I took the chance to try them out. They had two, a grey Russian one which covered the whole head in rubber, and a German one with triangular eyepieces and rubber straps.

I prefered the German one because it was more comfortable, and the lenses didn’t fog up. I liked the look of the German one better too, but that’s up to individual taste. With the mask on, breathing is a little restricted and there’s the rubber smell all around. I began to understand why gas masks are so popular among rubberists.

They were going for AUD 60 apiece, which didn’t seem very expensive to me, but I’m going to check online on ebay, and also in the army disposals and surplus stores and see if they have anything.

Invincible Catalogue

Today I got a pleasant surprise in the mailbox. The catalogue I had ordered from Invincible Rubber had arrived. It only took 3-4 days coming from the UK and I was suitably impressed!

The catalogue itself is beautiful in full colour and that hot stud seen on their site is on every single page, modelling each of Invincible’s wares. Very nice.

I’ve already heard many kudos about them and their responsiveness in responding to my email and dispatching my order only reaffirms their good reputation. I will certainly be ordering something from them soon.