The Year That Was

Wow. What a year it has been. A big year of growth and transformation for me. Death and rebirth.

At the time I started this blog, I was in an emotional flux, and only starting to explore my rubber fetish in earnest. I’ve since acquired some rubber gear, enough to proudly say I have a complete outfit now.

I’ve also met some interesting people and found love amidst some thorny experiences.

There was a big gap in my blog posts after that, but during that time, S and I have gotten closer and guess what, he’s my boyfriend now. It kinda crept up on us. I didn’t realize or even expect he’d be feeling the same about me. We’ve shared a lot of experiences together, and even had very similar situations happen in our respective lives. I’ve had a family tragedy this year and S was there to give me the support I needed badly at the time. He understood what I was going through and gave me a reason to live and look forward to.

I am totally at ease around S, and we’ve done a lot of exploring of my sexuality and fetish. We’ve had the most mind-blowing sex ever. He’s introduced me to mild bondage with cling-wrap, the use of amyl and breath control. We’ve given each other the most sensual full body massages. I enjoy his touch and cuddles. And it’s not always about rubber, we also enjoy plain ‘ol vanilla sex. He is caring and sensitive, yet not pushy and demanding. He nurtures me without being constricting. We sometimes have differing ideas and preferences of fun, but we always work it out and accommodate each other’s wishes.

I’ve come a long way with the awareness of who I am and what I like, sexually. I’ve also realized love comes in all shapes and sizes and that it doesn’t matter what gender that person is. I have finally learnt what real love feels like and to further confirm that, I’m missing S dearly this festive season while we’re both away at our respective family homes. I’m counting the days till I see him again.

Gas Mask

I’ve recently bought a gas mask from ebay. Although initially I never really thought of gas masks being sexy or horny, as I’ve chatted with fellow rubberists and hearing their experiences of incorporating a gas mask into their play, the idea warmed on me. I first tried on a few at Eagle Leather (a German m40 and Russian type) and it actually felt quite nice, having your head and face tightly enclosed, with the rubber or rubber-like material gripping tightly and slightly laboured breathing through the filters (and smelling the rubber.. mmm)

I didn’t buy the masks I tried on at Eagle straight away, cos I couldn’t justify the price at the time. So I went back and researched the different mask types and shopped around elsewhere, like the army disposals and on eBay. Sometime around the end of November I was just browsing on ebay and happened to see a good price for an american m17a2 gas mask, which had been recommended to me by someone. It was a bundle of the mask, plus a carry bag, chemical hood and a few other things, and the auction was ending in a few hours so I placed a bid, and surprisingly I won it. It was a pretty good price for what I was getting, but after adding shipping and money transfer fees, it wasn’t exactly as good a deal as i thought it was. At best it was similar to what I’d have paid at a local army disposal shop.

When the mask arrived I gleefully took the postal slip to the post office to collect the parcel. It was bigger and heavier than I expected. I opened the package like a kid on Christmas morning. I tried it on immediately and it was better than the other two masks I tried at Eagle. Felt awesome, but I had to rush off to work so I didn’t have time to have a good play with it. Although I ended up paying more than I would have liked, after receiving it and trying it on, I think it’s worth every cent.